2019 ANNUAL MEETING - The guest speaker was Dr. Karen Smith, LMSW, Ph. D., HEC-C. The topic of her discussion was How to Get the Death You Want. The talk provides comprehensive information about death, dying, and funerals.

FCAHV Road Map Series.mp4

2020 ANNUAL MEETING - Guest speaker was FCAHV’s President, Catherine Gleason. After selling a successful business in the Hudson Valley, Catherine became a local graduate of Dutchess Community & Marist Colleges. As a New York State Licensed Social Worker her focus is on helping those experiencing loss. In order to better serve people transitioning through the grief process she is now pursuing a Social Work Ph.D. As a University of Albany student her research concentration focuses on loss and the positive growth that can develop from it. Her business, academic, and teamwork skills are a few communication tools that contribute to setting realistic and achievable goals for herself and others.

Catherine will diagram two junctions of a Funeral Road Map Series, namely No Passing Zone and Obituary. At each juncture, the map will include a definition, history, objective, and examples.