2019 FCAHV Annual Meeting

The guest speaker is Dr. Karen Smith, LMSW, Ph. D., HEC-C. The topic of Dr. Smith's discussion is How to Get the Death You Want. The talk provides comprehensive information about death, dying, and funerals.

2020 FCAHV Annual Meeting

Guest speaker was FCAHV’s President, Catherine Gleason. Catherine will diagram two junctions of a Funeral Road Map Series, namely No Passing Zone and Obituary. At each juncture, the map will include a definition, history, objective, and examples.

2021 FCAHV Annual Meeting

After the initial remarks by FCAHV's President and business items, the agenda continued with two educational presentations

  • Prepaid Funerals Demystified by Joshua Slocum, FCA Executive Director

  • Funerals & Digital Media by Dr. Catherine Gleason, FCAHV President