In addition to the newsletters, web site, both individual and  group (Speakers Bureau) discussions, the Funeral Consumers Alliance of the Hudson Valley (FCAHV) has descriptions, costs, and other information to facilitate  the planning of funeral arrangement.

An individual joins the FCAHV by completing an application and paying a one-time fee.  The membership includes dependent, minor children   [i.e., < 21 years].  A new member will then receive a membership packet. 


The Funeral Consumers Alliance of the Hudson Valley's one-time  lifetime membership fee is currently $25 for each adult member (≥ 21 years). We have agreed to reciprocal exchange of services and transfer of membership with other affiliates.  There is a $15 fee for each adult when members transfer from another affiliate within the United States.

The Options to pay the  lifetime membership fee are . . .


Download the Membership Application,  Print,  Complete,  Mail (Include Check).  


Credit Card 

If more than one applicant, or applicant is not credit card holder, provide application information when ask to .  . . "Write a note to seller (optional)"

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