In addition to the newsletters, web site, both individual and group (Speakers Bureau) discussions, the Funeral Consumers Alliance of the Hudson Valley (FCAHV) has descriptions, costs, and other information to facilitate the planning of funeral arrangement.

An individual joins the FCAHV through application and payment of the one-time fee. The membership includes dependent, minor children [i.e., < 21 years]. A new member will then receive a membership packet which includes the following items to facilitate the planning process …


  • Before I Go You Should Know − A booklet that provides a vehicle to record and organize pertinent information. For examples ...
    • Advance Directive / Living Will / Health Care Proxy / Power of Attorney (Names and addresses of individuals involved with each document)
    • Designated Agent for Body Deposition
    • Funeral & Memorial Wishes
    • Information for Obituary
    • Memorial Contributions/Information for Death Certificate
    • Whom to Notify
    • Paper & Essential Data
    • Assets
    • Debts & Liabilities
    • Your Online Life
    • Pets
    • Survivors To Do List