We trust that you recognize the value of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of the Hudson Valley, but you should also be aware of the extraordinary work of the national Funeral Consumers Alliance.

    • They work with local societies and affiliates [like ours] to ensure state laws protect the consumer's best interests.

    • They were instrumental in the development and passage of the Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule.

    • They answer thousands of calls for information and help every year, and offer advocacy on behalf of wronged consumers.

    • The executive director, Josh Slocum regularly generates publicity on funeral consumer rights, appearing in media such as the Washington Post, the New York Times and CNN

    • Thousands of people learn about local societies, like ours, through FCA’s work.

The Funeral Consumers Alliance, like no other national nonprofit organization, advocates to protect the rights and wallets of the bereaved. You can support their struggles by sending a [fully tax-deductible] donation to the . . . Funeral Consumers Alliance, 33 Patchen Road, South Burlington, VT 05403.